In my Future I want to be an NBA Basketball Player . The Team i would love to play for are the Toronto Raptors i have been watching them play my whole life and it would be an honer for me to play for my home town team and if that does happen i would hope to be either PG or SG because i love to Handle the Ball and pass and Shoot.My Future Dream Car is a BMW 850 its my favorite car and it goes really fast.My future House is a Amazing Mansion and it has 6 Bedrooms 4 Washrooms and has a 1 aker Back yard and a 2500 square feet property.

It is really crazy that people even complaint about a book written by Dr. Seuss Hop on Pop. There are much worse kids books like ghost stories and the 3 Iu pigs where might be offensive to people in country’s where they don’t have access to clay and they now start thinking that only rich county’s like Canada and the united.States.Of America can get clay. In conclusion I hope they don’t ban the book Hop on Pop because it is one of my favourite kids books.



There many chances to be a leader in Sports its like being an on court coach its basically being a player but the leader of the team you call all the plays and the formations for the team. Its a privilege to be a leader on any sports teams if its Basketball ,Soccer , Baseball or Football its like everybody looking up to you to make a play call the defense either Zones or Man to Man. It’s really special to be a leader everyone looks up to you to carry the Team